14/48 | Balance: 4/10 • Flow: 3/10 • Creativity: 3/10 • Playability: 4/10 • Fun: 0/5 • Design: 0/3 — 5 Votes
DDNet 08/20/2018 12:49 PM

"No Longer Human" by Miss Furry

DDNet 08/20/2018 12:49 PM
snail 08/23/2018 8:53 AM

the map doesnt play smooth and the structure feels rly repetitive imo

snail 08/23/2018 8:53 AM

also the parts arent very balanced

snail 08/23/2018 8:54 AM

its always a small "part" to get a weapon/special tile, then a few stuff that barely justify the use of that tile/weapon into some boring gores/superjump-jetpack stuff

snail 08/23/2018 8:56 AM

some parts are way too long: https://i.imgur.com/068XNTN.png

snail 08/23/2018 8:57 AM

and some stuff is reaaally boring, like that jetpack part where u have to do it twice just to get a dj.. https://i.imgur.com/0SYk5gW.png

snail 08/23/2018 8:58 AM

$rate design=0 balance=3 flow=3 playability=5 creativity=2 fun=0

Kicker 08/23/2018 1:43 PM

$rate balance=4 flow=4 creativity=2 playability=5 fun=0 design=0

Kicker 08/23/2018 1:43 PM

very boring map

Brokecdx- 08/25/2018 5:12 PM

$rate balance=5 flow=4 creativity=3 playability=4 fun=0 design=0

Brokecdx- 08/25/2018 5:15 PM

i agree with snail

Syltoox 08/25/2018 10:26 PM

$rate balance=3 flow=1 creativity=3 playability=3 fun=0 design=0

Syltoox 08/25/2018 10:35 PM

whole map doesnt play well.. there is no way instruction and many parts just feel very annoying. most parts are hard and then there are many easy things. for example: cp3 cp5,cp6, cp11, cp7 and many more. also i dont like the punish with kill if u are very far at the map. u could add more checkpoints at some parts(for example cp 12, because it felt very annoying to start so far away). some parts are very boring(Cp16,cp15, cp14 and more). first time i tried cp18, i got punished with kill at end when i was freezed. the jetpack tunezone part at end (Cp39,cp41,cp42 ) felt so annoying and i couldnt do it. tbh i think u have to make a new map and a rework wouldnt help.

Amu~Cookie 08/25/2018 11:15 PM

$rate balance=4 flow=4 creativity=4 playability=5 fun=0 design=0

DDNet 08/27/2018 10:36 AM

The map didn't reach sufficient ratings in balance (6 required), flow (4 required), creativity (4 required) and playability (6 required) as well as overall (25 required) and, therefore, won't be released. However, feel free to rework it to improve low rated criteria, or simply start a new map

maggi323 09/04/2018 1:10 PM

$rate balance=4 flow=6 creativity=6 playability=6 fun=4 design=1

maggi323 09/04/2018 1:11 PM

Balance is truly not the best, but when i consider that this map is a long map that is connected in all parts, maybe some easier parts to connect things are not that bad? (just my opinion). Still would need some changes and some fixes for skips, but I liked the map.

maggi323 09/04/2018 1:13 PM

And the death parts shouldn't be there in the whole map