"kipling" by Im 'corneum [Solo]
DDNet 01/10/2019 2:56 PM
@Im 'corneum
Syltoox 01/10/2019 3:50 PM

nice map

Kicker 01/10/2019 6:17 PM
Im 'corneum 01/10/2019 6:21 PM

omg tele layer deleted itself

Kicker 01/10/2019 6:22 PM
Kicker 01/10/2019 6:22 PM


Kicker 01/10/2019 6:23 PM

map more cool without teles imo

Im 'corneum 01/10/2019 6:23 PM

ye i added them later. maybe if more agree i will delete them anyway

Im 'corneum 01/10/2019 6:25 PM

tele makes it a bit unbalnced too (part 5 compared to 6)

Im 'corneum 01/10/2019 6:25 PM
Im 'corneum 01/11/2019 2:50 PM

fixed a cut and changed tele to spikes. Kicker suggested making the teles killtiles. i like the idea, any opinions?

Kicker 01/11/2019 2:54 PM

the only thing u changed its texture of tele, now its look like spikes but its teleport, + forgot delete spawn at rocket part

Im 'corneum 01/11/2019 3:03 PM

yes but i also fixed 2 cuts

Im 'corneum 01/12/2019 9:31 PM

i decided to remove the teleporters. the ones that were for cheat preventing i kept as kill. the map is now a greater challenge but the parts used to be unbalanced anyway

Ravie 01/15/2019 10:46 PM

first thing I see are spikes stolen from my map Impetuous...

Lady Saavik 01/15/2019 11:08 PM
Lady Saavik 01/15/2019 11:08 PM
Lady Saavik 01/15/2019 11:08 PM
Lady Saavik 01/15/2019 11:08 PM
Lady Saavik 01/15/2019 11:08 PM
Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 4:34 AM

wtf all corners used to be right.... and you can see the jump marker with hd

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 11:59 AM


Ravie 01/16/2019 12:32 PM

gonna ignore my comment about stolen mapres?

Rixi 01/16/2019 1:10 PM

No one cares about stolen mapres. As soon as you release a map you have to expect someone else use that mapres as well. Thatโ€˜s how it works in teeworlds for years now

Ravie 01/16/2019 1:11 PM

I didn't ask for an opinion

Rixi 01/16/2019 1:13 PM

Itโ€˜s not an opinion, itโ€˜s a fact

archimede67 01/16/2019 1:48 PM


archimede67 01/16/2019 1:49 PM

Thats kinda true, have to agree with



jao 01/16/2019 1:55 PM

that's not how it works

jao 01/16/2019 1:57 PM

if you want to use something that someone else made, you ask them

jao 01/16/2019 1:57 PM

life didn't teach you that?

Rixi 01/16/2019 1:58 PM

didnt say i would do that aswell, jao ofc it's nicer to ask the creator of the mapres first but it became a common thing to just extract mapres and use them

jao 01/16/2019 1:59 PM

doesn't mean that we have to tolerate it

jao 01/16/2019 1:59 PM

especially when the creator mentions it

jao 01/16/2019 1:59 PM

(that it's not ok for them)

Rixi 01/16/2019 2:00 PM

surely im not gonna ask every creator of every mapres i use if he/she is fine with that

archimede67 01/16/2019 2:01 PM


archimede67 01/16/2019 2:01 PM

that's for sure

Rixi 01/16/2019 2:01 PM

and let's not ignore the fact that it's pretty ignorant from ravie to just let him alone use a mapres in a open source game where everything is basically open

Rixi 01/16/2019 2:01 PM

just because he'd like to have his map being unique

Rixi 01/16/2019 2:02 PM

but yea that's pretty off topic and we shouldnt spam im corneums map here

jao 01/16/2019 2:03 PM

you know what's ignorant? using someone else's stuff without asking and then not even responding to them when they complain

archimede67 01/16/2019 2:04 PM
@Im 'corneum
Ravie 01/16/2019 2:09 PM

It's ignorant from me to use my own mapres that i made myself and not want to let everybody else use it ๐Ÿค”

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:10 PM

Ravie why you didn't add credits in spikes image

Rixi 01/16/2019 2:10 PM

i'd agree with you if it was any other game, but things are different in teeworlds

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:11 PM

i don't think I need to write my name on every mapres in every map for people to understand that i made it because it's obviously custom on a map with my name on it

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:11 PM

idk I see them for the first time

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:11 PM

same goes for every other mapper with custom mapres

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:12 PM

it's not obvious

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:12 PM

that it's yours

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:12 PM

only because you used it in your map

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:13 PM

doesn't mean anyone can just assume it's not mine and steal it

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:14 PM

and if it's not certain it should be common sense to ask 'hey did you make this? or where did you find it and can I use it?'

Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:15 PM

i didnt read any of that shit. but i think i did asked you for another map at least

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:16 PM

I don't think so for this tileset

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:16 PM

I let you use white_beams and freeze tiles

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:16 PM

yea maybe but we are used to oh let's just google some mapres and take it or hey I like those clouds I will use them too

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:17 PM

nobody ever complained like that so try to understand there were no rule about stealing images

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:17 PM


Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:17 PM

i kno wthat 2 of the sets are from you and im pretty sure i asked for both. anyway. will you allow me to use the spikes as well? if not i would only need to switch it with brown ones and you dont want more kib's do you :)))

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:17 PM

...fine but ask next time

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:17 PM

for 95% maps it's obvious mapper didn't draw all the tiles he used

Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:17 PM


Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:18 PM

it's not that ppl hate u and want to piss you off

Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:18 PM

saavik, welcome to testing 2019. thats how it is now

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:18 PM

in my maps i only use default/famous mapres or my own, never used anything from google

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:18 PM

it's just you can kinda use everyones work and ideas here

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:19 PM

so if it's not a tileset you have seen before it is custom

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:20 PM

I don't have to know and see everything

Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:22 PM

imagine how maps would look if every mapper would have to create his own mapres

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:22 PM

mine would look pretty much the same

Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:22 PM

ye but everyone else sucks at drawing programs

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:22 PM

that's everyone else's problem ๐Ÿ˜

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:22 PM
  • Ravie you never say it in a nive way
Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:23 PM


Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:23 PM

that means you cant reject maps for bad design anymore

jao 01/16/2019 2:23 PM

you can make beautiful designs with vanilla mapres

jao 01/16/2019 2:23 PM


Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:23 PM

stolen from magnus

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:23 PM


jao 01/16/2019 2:23 PM


Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:25 PM

but its true, vanilla tilesets really look better than any tileset that was made from players until like 2012

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:25 PM

maybe they don't look better on their own but they are literally the teeworlds style and not something else

Im 'corneum 01/16/2019 2:26 PM

only tileset i cant map with is winter

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:26 PM

winter_main is fucked

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:26 PM

there are tiles that don't match and automapper is so broken idk how anyone accepted it

Lady Saavik 01/16/2019 2:31 PM

Ravie just next time be nicer and don't call it stealing because maybe it's not always made on purpose

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:31 PM

there's nothing rude about the word 'stolen'

Rixi 01/16/2019 2:32 PM

it's just the way you expressed yourself i guess

Ravie 01/16/2019 2:32 PM

maybe I'm just not a nice guy, but my point is still valid

Silex 01/16/2019 3:35 PM

you could start beeing a nice guy again and share more mapres

Ravie 01/16/2019 3:59 PM

no ๐Ÿ‘บ

Dareka 01/24/2019 2:37 PM

Copy pixel/pixel mapres

Dareka 01/24/2019 2:37 PM

Edit one pixel

Dareka 01/24/2019 2:37 PM

Then it's a remake

Dareka 01/24/2019 2:37 PM

And ravie become nice guy

texnonik 01/24/2019 2:58 PM

Lol , will it work on YouTube ?

archimede67 01/24/2019 4:30 PM


archimede67 01/24/2019 4:30 PM

Actually not

jao 01/31/2019 1:00 PM

fireflies should be HD too

jao 01/31/2019 1:01 PM

(looks weird otherwise)

jao 01/31/2019 1:02 PM

water should be less flashy imo

jao 01/31/2019 1:02 PM

I don't like this, doesn't feel smooth

Kicker 01/31/2019 1:40 PM

would be nice if u add one more block here

Im 'corneum 01/31/2019 2:25 PM

hold a for a bit there.


so you can cheat? ๐Ÿ˜‰

jao 01/31/2019 2:26 PM

I know how it works but it's not great

Im 'corneum 01/31/2019 2:26 PM

ist wohl ein einzelschicksal

Kicker 01/31/2019 2:37 PM
@Im 'corneum

didnt look what u can cheat with it, i always needed 1 more block for land on this platform xd

jao 01/31/2019 2:58 PM

please make it a bit easier :( rest of the map is cool but that one is annoying for me

Im 'corneum 02/02/2019 1:27 PM

fixed except waterfalls

Im 'corneum 03/02/2019 7:40 PM

some fixes with lady saavik

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 6:54 PM

unbelievable how cheatable this map is

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 6:57 PM

it is still possible to save dj at the beginning - add more freeze

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:03 PM
Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:03 PM
Kicker 03/05/2019 7:06 PM

2nd cheat is harder than normal way and u have only 1 try for it

Im 'corneum 03/05/2019 7:07 PM

is it even faster

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:16 PM

it's not hard

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:18 PM

idk if it's faster do I look like a timer

Im 'corneum 03/05/2019 7:18 PM


Kicker 03/05/2019 7:18 PM

its too random and faily

Kicker 03/05/2019 7:18 PM

to do it

Kicker 03/05/2019 7:18 PM

i tried many times

Kicker 03/05/2019 7:18 PM

this cheat

Im 'corneum 03/05/2019 7:19 PM

then its just another way to do it. i wouldnt call it a cheat

Kicker 03/05/2019 7:19 PM

500 iq

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:20 PM


Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:20 PM


Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:20 PM

ok leave it

Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:20 PM


Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:33 PM
Lady Saavik 03/05/2019 7:33 PM

I jumped too early but this cheat will be possible

Kicker 03/05/2019 7:45 PM


Lady Saavik 03/25/2019 7:17 PM
@Im 'corneum

will you fix anything?

Im 'corneum 04/06/2019 11:43 AM

it took a while but i had to fix it with switches. didnt mark it tho

Im 'corneum 04/16/2019 7:13 AM

schads ham mir noch a tester in der kรผchn?

Im 'corneum 04/16/2019 7:13 AM


Im 'corneum 04/16/2019 7:13 AM

ja mit blaulicht

Kicker 05/01/2019 10:00 PM

change ur switch anticheat on 1 tile hole which u cant reach from down, im sure u can make it more beatiful way, not like on my screen and map is ready

Im 'corneum 05/03/2019 3:10 AM

this is fucking ugly

jao 05/03/2019 10:24 AM

you only need the kill tiles

Kicker 05/03/2019 10:24 AM

switches is not better fix

jao 05/07/2019 1:33 PM
jao 05/07/2019 1:36 PM
jao 05/07/2019 1:40 PM
@Im 'corneum

check this version

Im 'corneum 05/08/2019 4:22 PM


Kicker 05/08/2019 4:23 PM

$ready 3

jao 05/19/2019 12:50 PM