24/49 | Balance: 7/10 • Flow: 6/10 • Creativity: 2/10 • Playability: 7/10 • Fun: 1/5 • Design: 1/3 • Bonus: 0/1 — 6 Votes | Public Result: 34/49 (5 Votes)
DDNet 06/27/2018 2:44 PM
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DDNet 06/27/2018 2:45 PM
worstwish 06/27/2018 3:09 PM

$rate balance=8 flow=7 creativity=5 playability=9 fun=2 design=2 bonus=0

Syltoox 06/28/2018 8:48 AM

$rate balance=9 flow=9 creativity=5 playability=10 fun=3 design=2 bonus=0

DanilBést 06/28/2018 9:54 AM

$rate balance=8 flow=9 creativity=4 playability=10 fun=3 design=1 bonus=0

fikmesan 06/28/2018 12:39 PM

Changed the map a bit.

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'faceless 06/28/2018 1:29 PM

$rate balance=9 flow=9 creativity=3 playability=10 fun=3 design=1 bonus=0

jao 06/28/2018 1:33 PM

are you guys aware that a 10 means it’s literally perfect? i.e. 10 playability would mean that parts are implemented in the best possible way, 10 flow that the map is ultimately perfect to speedrun and parts are connected in a very flawless way.. that’s by definition not even possible for maps where the whole gameplay is just fit in a rectangle

Ravie 06/28/2018 1:55 PM

Even flow 8 is really high.

DanilBést 06/29/2018 6:32 AM

$rate balance=8 flow=7 creativity=5 playability=7 fun=3 design=1 bonus=0

jao 06/30/2018 5:47 PM

the short music loop gets really annoying

jao 06/30/2018 5:47 PM

wouldn't put it over the whole map

Gwendal 07/01/2018 7:55 PM

$rate balance=8 flow=8 creativity=5 playability=8 fun=3 design=1 bonus=1

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/02/2018 10:40 AM

$rate balance=6 flow=8 creativity=2 playability=8 fun=2 design=1 bonus=0

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/02/2018 10:45 AM

Balance: Some parts are quiet harder in terms of skill and brain for a novice player it is. Flow: Since some parts a bit harder the flow stutters at some point but after playing the map for some time novice players will find their flow definetly. Creativity: 2-3 are rather "creative" the others are just simple 101 stuff which can be found everywhere on novice. Playabiliy: Novice players will find a like it in. Fun: Had not much fun in playing it. But i tried to take a mentallity of a novice player. It can be fun. Desing: Simple, nothing especial. Bonus: -

Amu~Cookie 07/04/2018 11:48 AM

$rate balance=6 flow=6 creativity=2 playability=8 fun=2 design=1 bonus=0

Amu~Cookie 07/04/2018 11:49 AM

$rate balance=7 playability=7

Amu~Cookie 07/04/2018 11:56 AM

it's a generic novice map, like a lot more in novice server, parts are somewhat balanced and like Rico said before some part are a litle bit harder which isn't bad because novice player should learn something while playing novice map. The flow is average and the map is not really speedrun friendly because of tight corridor and parts unadapted to it.

snail 07/04/2018 5:07 PM

$rate balance=7 flow=7 creativity=2 playability=7 fun=1 design=1 bonus=0

snail 07/04/2018 5:07 PM

last 2 parts are rly meh and novice 0 compared to rest of map

snail 07/04/2018 5:08 PM

the music loop didnt annoy me, how long did u stay on the map xd

Oblikumquat 07/05/2018 11:56 PM

$rate balance=7 flow=7 creativity=2 playability=8 fun=1 design=1 bonus=0

Oblikumquat 07/05/2018 11:57 PM

nothing bad about the map, but nothing good about it either. But if there was a category for effort spent mapping, I wouldn't rate it very high

jao 07/06/2018 12:50 AM

$rate balance=7 flow=6 creativity=2 playability=7 fun=1 design=1 bonus=0

jao 07/06/2018 12:50 AM

these parts are harder as they require good reactions (and the down one a bit more game knowledge)

jao 07/06/2018 12:53 AM

flow and playability are not great cause it looks like u just added rooms to each other in a rectangle, where you tried to use all the space available. results in kinda "forced" weird connections between parts (e.g. the screenshot)

jao 07/06/2018 12:53 AM

this is obviously not optimized but rather there to fill space

jao 07/06/2018 12:54 AM

here it looks like you needed to add stoppers so that players don't fall back due to how it's mapped (tight and with no effort)

jao 07/06/2018 12:55 AM

btw I don't get why there are stoppers after literally every part. allowing players to go back in novice maps is usually good practice (to help others or just so that they can fool around w/e)

jao 07/06/2018 12:55 AM

and yea creativity is obviously non existend

jao 07/06/2018 12:56 AM

$rate playability=6

Rische 07/06/2018 12:59 AM

$rate Balance=7 flow=5 creativity=2 playability=7 fun=1 design=1 bonus=0

Rische 07/06/2018 1:02 AM

Main concern is, that the map isnt really fun to speedrun, which is an important part for novice imo. The max number of novice maps should be a finite number, no1 needs 300 novice maps, since it doesnt take long to improve ur skill and play harder maps.

jao 07/06/2018 1:09 AM

$rate flow=5

jao 07/06/2018 12:12 PM

declined, I guess it's obvious where the problems are

fikmesan 07/06/2018 2:48 PM


jao 07/06/2018 3:11 PM

hint: creativity

fikmesan 07/06/2018 3:13 PM

are u stupid wtf? u want brand new creative parts on novice 2*????

jao 07/06/2018 3:19 PM

no not brand new

Syltoox 07/06/2018 3:53 PM

ultra brand new

Gwendal 07/06/2018 4:17 PM


Ravie 07/06/2018 6:05 PM

I don't see why this map was declined, it got enough score, and it's decently enough made. You can't make a low-end novice map much more creative than this one.

Gwendal 07/06/2018 6:41 PM


Freezestyler 07/06/2018 8:33 PM

I agree with jao tbh

Freezestyler 07/06/2018 8:33 PM

Other novice Maps managed to get a higher creativity Score as well

jao 07/06/2018 8:34 PM

didn't get the required scores btw

jao 07/06/2018 8:34 PM

that's why declined

Ravie 07/06/2018 8:46 PM

You mean the 1 other novice map which had weird switches and stuff?

N9mkOik 07/07/2018 5:41 AM


fikmesan 07/07/2018 2:02 PM

maybe get actual novice testers? as if beginners would care about creativity when they can barely hook/hammer?? basically all in map release squad are brutal players, u expect them to see anything good in novice maps lol? i think you rly need a novice tester who can see if the maps are nice for beginners.


speedrunning isnt important for novice, the map is made for beginners not pros who wanna speedrun novice but ye its nice if maps are good for speedrunning but i definitely dont think its important for novice. and about the 300 novice maps part, theres not many actual novice maps, most of them are way too hard for novice server, and also some prefer novice maps so maybe they wanna stay and play on novice server, u mean pros should have 1000 maps to choose between but novice players not? thats dumb

fikmesan 07/07/2018 2:04 PM

also, last novice release was a year ago, maybe stop being a bitch and release maps?

jao 07/07/2018 2:06 PM

you don't need to be a novice player to spot that the map was made with low effort. I would happily release a new novice map, but the map should be worth it. for the release only 4 points in creativity are required, that's not an impossible challenge. do something for it, then your map will get a release. as simple as that

fikmesan 07/07/2018 2:10 PM

its a fucking novice 2* map, it should be simple, not filled with strange "creative" shit parts

jao 07/07/2018 2:10 PM

you don't need strange creative parts, you can implement old parts in a new original way

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:05 PM

I dont agree that novice maps has to be speedrunable (even though, iris is speedrunable) Because if thats the case we sadly have to decline diamond_mines as well. Creativity rating for me not very well thought through from all of the given 6 votes. This is not poor. It is very fair in terms of creativity and in order to understand you got to bring up a very new player and ask about his opinion. There are plenty of things new players will learn in this map for future maps they'll play. Rico is a prime example of his statement about creativity. It's 101 stuff, which for him is nothing new, but for Novice 1* players and people coming to the game today will have fun playing this and rate ofc the creativity overall higher than we would. Maybe I had rated this map too high but surely it's not creativity-2. I hope you get my point.

RayB. 07/07/2018 10:08 PM
RayB. 07/07/2018 10:08 PM


Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:08 PM

Ryozuki got kicked thats why apparently 6 are enough

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:08 PM


RayB. 07/07/2018 10:09 PM

Ryozuki didnt vote

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:09 PM

But 50% of votes <25

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:09 PM

since kicker and I are blacklisted this is even lower

jao 07/07/2018 10:11 PM

without ryozuki it’s 6, yea

jao 07/07/2018 10:12 PM

and those 7 required votes are only for not scheduled maps. on scheduled ones just the result after 1 week counts, number of votes has no requirements there

jao 07/07/2018 10:14 PM

(scheduled are the ones now marked with ⭐)

jao 07/07/2018 10:18 PM

with your logic that it’s completely new for novices, creativity would be 10. you obviously compare with other maps from an objective view and not from a new players one

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:19 PM

AS i said surely not poor

Rische 07/07/2018 10:19 PM

i can explain u my reasoning tomorrow, jao you are also somewhat wrong in your statement

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:19 PM

I just don't understand you should be the least one to rate speedruns

Rische 07/07/2018 10:20 PM

But im drinking tonight, so wait for tomorrow

jao 07/07/2018 10:20 PM


jao 07/07/2018 10:20 PM

i have some r1s

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:20 PM

Not you jao

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:20 PM


Rische 07/07/2018 10:20 PM

Diamond mine is better to speedrun imo, ill explain tomorrow

Rische 07/07/2018 10:20 PM

Its stupid to argue drunk

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:21 PM

you gotta agree -2 (poor) creativity is surely not true

jao 07/07/2018 10:21 PM

I think 2 is more than fair

Rische 07/07/2018 10:22 PM

i think jao‘s argument is not totally right and agree he cant rate it from a speedrun perspective, but cmon

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:22 PM

this is a cool map for newcomers

Rische 07/07/2018 10:22 PM

Let me explain tomorrow, ill have my thoughts clear then

Rische 07/07/2018 10:23 PM

ok, but wheres the limit, as i said we dont need 300 novice maps

Ravie 07/07/2018 10:23 PM

I think this map is just barely good enough to be released as a novice 2*

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:24 PM

it's a good map for newcomers so why not? If you look at the current novice maps this one is by far better

Brokecdx- 07/07/2018 10:24 PM

or would you recommend players to play School [Hook/Hammer]?

Ravie 07/07/2018 10:25 PM

It's been long since a novice release, and almost nobody seems interested in mapping novice + this map is decent enough so why not release it?

Amu~Cookie 07/07/2018 10:56 PM

Why would speedrunability should not be a thing for novice ? It's ddrace, race is in the mod name. It's natural, even for newcomer to see that's their time is ranked and they can gain rank by playing it again. Even at a noob level it's a criteria and it gain replayability to the map.

Amu~Cookie 07/07/2018 10:59 PM

And if they do, they can learn more from the map and improve

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:06 PM

Flow maps are always welcome, but it should not be a requirement for a goddamn novice map, novice is not aimed at pros who want to speedrun but at noobs who don't care about flow at all

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:08 PM

Anyway this map was declined not because of flow but because of supposed lack of creativity, which is just dumb for a very low difficulty novice map

Amu~Cookie 07/07/2018 11:12 PM

so we need a tutorial server

Amu~Cookie 07/07/2018 11:13 PM

because Novice moderate etc.. is just a label for difficulty

Amu~Cookie 07/07/2018 11:19 PM

not a label who say : only novice level player can play novice

jao 07/07/2018 11:23 PM

why do we need this map so desperately? link novice players to ddmax servers then, there they can play 50 similar maps, that is definitely enough to keep those guys entertained

Amu~Cookie 07/07/2018 11:26 PM

they will play it and go back to kobra then

jao 07/07/2018 11:27 PM

ye I don’t get it. if you wanna make novice players so happy, then why not put effort into mapping

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:29 PM

Why not release it? It's not like anyone has a better novice map to offer atm

jao 07/07/2018 11:29 PM

why release it is the better question, why do we need it so desperately

jao 07/07/2018 11:30 PM

we have ddmax sev filled with such maps, no need for 1 more

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:30 PM

We don't need it desperately, but there was no novice release in a long time and it doesn't look like anyone is making a better novice map

jao 07/07/2018 11:31 PM

and it doesn’t look like this maps adds anything valuable to ddnet besides 2 mins lame play time

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:32 PM

There aren't many maps that very new players can play, and it's boring to replay the same maps until they get good enough to play a harder map

jao 07/07/2018 11:32 PM

we have a lot maps like this on ddmax and novice already

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:32 PM

Not exactly like this, ddmax is bad

jao 07/07/2018 11:32 PM

and you have enough maps to play until it gets boring

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:34 PM

Well even if this is not the highest effort map somebody still put some time into it and would like it released, and I think this map is barely good enough to be released

jao 07/07/2018 11:35 PM

ye that’s your view of it. luckily we have multiple opinions collected here to be able to say that in ours opinion it’s barely not good enough

jao 07/07/2018 11:36 PM

it is a close call, but in the end the decision is on one side. and that’s a fair decision then we can live with

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:36 PM

If you create rules to make releasing maps less biased you should fully follow them, as RayB. pointed out there is not enough votes

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:36 PM

Maybe if you let one more person vote it will be just barely good enough to be released from your side as well

jao 07/07/2018 11:36 PM

I have cleared raybs concern up, you can read above

jao 07/07/2018 11:37 PM

and ye close decision can be decided by one person due to it’s nature, in this case the decision is on the negative side. so please respect that like I would respect a fair decision for the other side

Ravie 07/07/2018 11:40 PM

I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I just think this map is good enough to be released, so I argue towards releasing it

jao 07/07/2018 11:40 PM


Gwendal 07/15/2018 9:38 PM