25/49 | Balance: 5/10 • Flow: 6/10 • Creativity: 5/10 • Playability: 6/10 • Fun: 2/5 • Design: 1/3 • Bonus: 0/1 — 2 Votes | Public Result: 0/49 (0 Votes)
jao 05/25/2018 5:52 PM
Im 'corneum 05/25/2018 7:46 PM

ich hab da ma ein alternatives design gemacht....

Im 'corneum 05/25/2018 7:47 PM

schit, nicht embeded

Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 8:55 PM

I just played this map, and even so I like some part I think the map should be designed to be more enjoyable for 2 player, I dont mind faily part but some part are stupidly faily part for 2 players and others break the flow a bit

Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 8:59 PM

on the others Hand the map would no be a real challenge in team0 as fail are too easy to save and most tee behind waiting to be carried would never be usefull because parts are too easy and not punished enought for big team

Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 9:00 PM

some screenshots :

Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 9:01 PM

useless hooktrought ?

Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 9:02 PM
Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 9:03 PM

2p free restart :

Amu~Cookie 05/28/2018 9:03 PM
Im 'corneum 05/29/2018 2:24 AM
Im 'corneum 05/29/2018 2:25 AM

hey thx for testing, i made these demos to maybe clarify the part. that edgehammer might be too hard it we want to make it a 2player map now. i can add some teles throughout the map

Im 'corneum 05/29/2018 2:28 AM

that hookthrough was originaly for bigteams. so you would have needed at least 4 people there. 2 are hammerflying up there while one gets thrown from the downside

Im 'corneum 05/29/2018 2:28 AM

thats the old version of the part

snail 05/31/2018 8:18 AM

i think adding teles on the 2p free restart part would suck, it ruins the "concept" of having no tele + it makes it a pain to rescue last tees in big groups

snail 05/31/2018 8:18 AM

u should just make the ground non-freeze and add 1 or 2 more freezes above (imo)

snail 05/31/2018 8:20 AM

some parts are kinda stupid as 2 but thats the idea of the map so for me thats fine (except the one showed by amu)

Im 'corneum 05/31/2018 11:58 AM

first of all, thanks for testing.....please keep in mind that i tested everything with dummy. so i dont really know for sure if everything works out for 2 players. i managed to do all the single parts but not in a row. if you could point the said parts out with screenshots, it would be really enchanting. 😃

jao 06/12/2018 1:12 PM
@Im 'corneum

what about


s screens?

Im 'corneum 06/12/2018 1:13 PM

i fixed one part and i explained the other two. i didnt really get what snail meant so i didnt want to post a version with one fix

jao 06/12/2018 1:14 PM

maybe you can clarify what you mean

jao 06/12/2018 1:32 PM

this is terrible for a start since people will cross each others ways and will for sure cause blocking

jao 06/12/2018 1:33 PM

doesn't look faily, but it's easy to get pushed into left freeze at these tight spots. kinda stupid imo

jao 06/12/2018 1:34 PM
jao 06/12/2018 1:37 PM

I don't know if it's cool to let people die here while the first 70% is pretty easy doable

jao 06/12/2018 1:39 PM

this needs instructions + what for is the dj refill tile

jao 06/12/2018 1:48 PM
jao 06/12/2018 1:49 PM

you can simply throw here

Rische 06/12/2018 4:49 PM

what do you exactly mean with the 3rd screen?

jao 06/12/2018 4:51 PM

that this novice part looks hilarious to me 😅

Rische 06/12/2018 4:51 PM

aint bad to have some less stressful parts once in a while:D

Im 'corneum 06/18/2018 9:47 AM
Im 'corneum 06/18/2018 9:48 AM

fixed all except last screen. im okay with that cut ( icouldnt do it with dummy)

jao 06/18/2018 1:34 PM
@Im 'corneum

spawn is in the middle of the map

jao 06/18/2018 1:37 PM

the first part doesn't really fix that you have to cross ways with others and can easily crash there

jao 06/18/2018 1:40 PM

the part you gave instructions for doesn't work if both start from where the tune-zone is + I still don't know what the jump refill is for 😄

jao 06/18/2018 1:43 PM

freeze design like this looks weird imo, maybe let the outlines continue instead of going into blocks

jao 06/18/2018 1:45 PM

you removed the logo (I guess by accident)

Im 'corneum 06/18/2018 2:55 PM

lets have a look on it together later when i am home

jao 06/18/2018 8:22 PM
@Im 'corneum

I'm here now

Im 'corneum 06/18/2018 8:23 PM

give me a minute

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 06/23/2018 6:38 PM

Tested with Tropo:

The map is very unbalanced. It starts of as a mod 2ish map and exceeds till brutal 3ish. If the map should have constant linear improvement in the sense of difficulty thats fine for me, but since it goes exponentionaly up and down in terms of difficulty its not quiet fun and it disturbs the flow heavily. On the other side i like the design and color contrast with the though- and unhooks also with hookables. If you can manage a good balance with each part it would be much appreciated!

Amu~Cookie 06/23/2018 7:08 PM

$rate balance=5 flow=6 creativity=5 playability=6 fun=2 design=1 bonus=0

Im 'corneum 06/26/2018 2:11 PM

this map was made in a rush. since a lot of people pointed out which things are wrong with the map and it would be too much work to fix it i will take the best parts from this map and put the fixed versions of these parts into my new map which i started some time ago. @jao delet this map.

jao 06/26/2018 2:38 PM


jao 06/26/2018 2:38 PM

well your decision, but please don’t waste our time with maps that you know aren’t well made 😪

Im 'corneum 06/26/2018 4:42 PM

thats funny because sometimes those are getting released really fast

worstwish 06/28/2018 1:18 PM


DanilBést 06/29/2018 6:55 AM

aha, map was declined

DanilBést 06/29/2018 6:55 AM
DanilBést 06/29/2018 6:55 AM

don't be released!