"Rush Clouds 2" by bit [Solo]
DDNet 03/06/2019 2:46 PM
Im 'corneum 03/06/2019 2:47 PM

but its not like tengyung?

bit 03/06/2019 2:48 PM

its rush clouds 2 the real one

Gwendal 03/06/2019 2:49 PM


Gwendal 03/06/2019 2:49 PM

Is it easier or harder than Rush Cloud 1



bit 03/06/2019 2:49 PM

harder i think, its longer than 1

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 3:28 PM
Gwendal 03/06/2019 3:53 PM
DanilBest 03/06/2019 4:06 PM
Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 4:27 PM

i cant understand this map

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 4:28 PM

its probably broken

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 4:28 PM

u sure its finishable?

bit 03/06/2019 4:32 PM

yea, i tested it

bit 03/06/2019 4:33 PM

every parts

bit 03/06/2019 4:33 PM

which part impossible?

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 4:34 PM

r u free now, can u show me playthrough?

bit 03/06/2019 4:55 PM

where are you? test server?

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 4:55 PM

yea, im under name Not Syltoox

Gwendal 03/06/2019 4:56 PM


bit 03/06/2019 4:57 PM


bit 03/06/2019 4:58 PM

i am trying to connect, bad network

bit 03/06/2019 5:00 PM

i cant connect qwq

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 5:01 PM


bit 03/06/2019 5:04 PM

i am trying QwQ

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 5:04 PM

nah dont bother

Jesus Christ 03/06/2019 5:05 PM

i will figure it out myself

bit 03/06/2019 5:08 PM
texnonik 03/06/2019 6:12 PM

cheat ?

Cellegen 03/06/2019 7:19 PM

no, you need to hit the start first,

Cellegen 03/06/2019 7:19 PM

so it wont work

archimede67 03/06/2019 9:11 PM

oh no

archimede67 03/06/2019 9:11 PM
texnonik 03/06/2019 9:49 PM

getting on edge jump to start go to rocket explosion jump fly to victory ( but its looks a bit too far ( i am not sure )

bit 03/07/2019 6:14 AM

It seems too hard to do that

bit 03/07/2019 12:52 PM

fixed bug πŸ˜‚

bit 03/12/2019 7:33 AM

decrease file size, added timer

jao 03/12/2019 3:46 PM

kill tiles in game and front layer

bit 03/12/2019 3:47 PM


jao 03/12/2019 3:48 PM

would look better to colorize kill tiles attached to hook like hook

bit 03/12/2019 3:48 PM

i should put kill in front ?

bit 03/12/2019 3:49 PM

ye, i will change the color

jao 03/12/2019 3:49 PM

doesn't matter, I would put them in game

jao 03/12/2019 3:49 PM

why is the bg an image? can't you achieve the same fade with empty quads?

bit 03/12/2019 3:49 PM

game layer may has freeze

jao 03/12/2019 3:50 PM

if there is kill, you don't need freeze too

bit 03/12/2019 3:51 PM

i will try to use the default bg with envelop, xd

jao 03/12/2019 3:51 PM

no gametiles behind this

bit 03/12/2019 3:54 PM

oh, its the instruction, maybe i should remove it

jao 03/12/2019 3:55 PM

should use a distinct marking then

jao 03/12/2019 3:55 PM

unmarked freeze

jao 03/12/2019 3:56 PM

it's just

without the 0

bit 03/12/2019 3:58 PM

oh xd

jao 03/12/2019 4:00 PM

I think there is a better anti laser cheat solution

jao 03/12/2019 4:01 PM

tele into kill is kinda annoying

bit 03/12/2019 4:01 PM


jao 03/12/2019 4:02 PM

think a bit ;)

bit 03/12/2019 4:03 PM

does kill tile should be the color which it next to the tile?

bit 03/12/2019 4:03 PM
jao 03/12/2019 4:03 PM

yes should have the same color as the tile it's attached to

bit 03/12/2019 4:03 PM


bit 03/12/2019 4:04 PM


bit 03/12/2019 4:13 PM

idk how to set a envelop to make bg like this, but my bg file is realy small, 10kb

jao 03/12/2019 4:18 PM

you can color the end points of a quad

bit 03/12/2019 4:19 PM

wuts the solution about the tele to kill, replace it with deepfreeze?

bit 03/12/2019 4:19 PM


jao 03/12/2019 4:19 PM

right click the red dots

bit 03/12/2019 4:19 PM

omg thank you, i dont konw this function !!!

bit 03/12/2019 4:49 PM

come on jao, wuts your solution. i have fixed other things

bit 03/12/2019 4:50 PM

and i dont think deepfreeze/speedup in freeze/just put kill are good idea

jao 03/12/2019 4:53 PM

haven't thought about it

bit 03/12/2019 4:59 PM


bit 03/12/2019 5:00 PM

Fixed things jao mention

bit 03/12/2019 5:02 PM

i go sleep now, if some one has advice or found bugs then just leave a msg πŸ˜‹

bit 03/16/2019 11:43 AM


archimede67 03/16/2019 12:50 PM

look how many maps there are before urs :sad:

bit 03/16/2019 1:17 PM
bit 03/16/2019 1:19 PM

is this map too gay to release? idont think there is someone can finish it. Too hard

bit 03/16/2019 1:19 PM
Kicker 03/16/2019 1:51 PM

gay parts easy to change

bit 03/16/2019 1:55 PM
bit 03/16/2019 1:56 PM


bit 03/16/2019 2:03 PM
jao 03/16/2019 3:07 PM

you should know best, it's your map

jao 03/16/2019 3:08 PM

generally it's a good advice to not map parts that you can't do yourself

bit 03/16/2019 3:11 PM
RonIn 03/16/2019 4:32 PM

this laser is annoying

bit 03/16/2019 6:02 PM

I will try to change thisπŸ˜‰

bit 03/16/2019 6:03 PM

thanks for testing~

bit 03/18/2019 5:56 PM

gay part remaked πŸ˜‚

bit 03/18/2019 5:56 PM

fixed gay part

sinisa 03/18/2019 6:05 PM

map looks ez

maggi323 [HM6-30W-0QG] 04/28/2019 11:26 PM

First one was weird, this one is weird...looks good to me

Soapy Sandwich 06/03/2019 12:36 PM

Not the biggest fan of the map.
I do struggle with these edge jumps though so that could be why. Design seems ok and couldn't notice any serious issues.

Soapy Sandwich 06/03/2019 12:37 PM

Here just in case you didn't know or want the rocket to be required.

Soapy Sandwich 06/03/2019 12:37 PM

Also this is a tiny thing but it bugs me XD

Soapy Sandwich 06/03/2019 12:38 PM

Really dig the background smoke effect though πŸ˜ƒ

bit 06/03/2019 3:08 PM

Thank you for testing and advices ~

bit 06/03/2019 3:09 PM
bit 06/03/2019 3:09 PM

Fixed arrow & added a tip for grenade

bit 06/03/2019 3:10 PM
Kicker 07/12/2019 1:49 AM

this edge is very annoying to reach without dj, move hookable higher or make dj saveable somehow till this part (u can do smth with dj refiller mb)

Kicker 07/12/2019 1:51 AM

button is very hard to reach, move it down a bit

jao 07/12/2019 1:51 AM

needs entities off sign (even tho the marking itself is not really neccessary, people should use a bit brain in such maps)

jao 07/12/2019 1:52 AM

add a blue arrow here

jao 07/12/2019 1:52 AM
jao 07/12/2019 1:55 AM

the yellow shadow makes it look a bit like there is unfreeze

jao 07/12/2019 1:55 AM

and it's also the only place with a shadow behind stoppers

Kicker 07/12/2019 1:55 AM

move this area more left, very annoying to get on it

jao 07/12/2019 2:07 AM

it's possible to touch start without loosing grenade, need to add more shields

bit 07/12/2019 1:26 PM
bit 07/12/2019 1:27 PM

Fixed all things jao and Kicker told

bit 07/12/2019 1:27 PM

And changed some parts and details

bit 07/12/2019 1:29 PM
bit 07/12/2019 1:29 PM
bit 07/12/2019 1:29 PM
bit 07/12/2019 1:29 PM
bit 07/12/2019 3:32 PM
bit 07/12/2019 3:32 PM

fixed some bugs

bit 07/12/2019 3:41 PM

moved rocket up

bit 07/12/2019 3:41 PM
bit 07/12/2019 3:56 PM
bit 07/12/2019 5:54 PM
bit 07/12/2019 5:54 PM

changed some details and removed shields in startline and endline

bit 07/12/2019 5:55 PM
bit 07/12/2019 5:55 PM
bit 07/12/2019 5:57 PM

added new anti-cheat part

bit 07/12/2019 5:58 PM

I think its impossible to touch startline or endline and keep grenade now

bit 07/13/2019 1:31 PM

improved design ...

bit 07/13/2019 6:10 PM

fixed bug and impoved design

Firewave 07/15/2019 4:10 PM

Hi, i didn't enjoy to play this map but nevermind i'm here to test. The gameplay is nice, and you has find lot of idea with this new edgejump. It's insane to do new stuff (edge with speed arrow) with faily map, you can't really train because you always need to restart. If I was you I should make the map harder but unfaily ( with real cp). But we don't care about that even if lot of players will rq the map haha. I can't speak about flow because i didn't have fun during my test πŸ˜„ . Design is nice even if he can sting eyes.

Firewave 07/15/2019 4:14 PM

This hook on the blue circle is more than useless, if you use it to do the part you fail ( it's annoying fail) I know it's for design but that little fail can make rq lot of player

Firewave 07/15/2019 4:14 PM

I guess it's really annoying to fail last part just because you failed one tile jump ( both are kills)

Firewave 07/15/2019 4:16 PM

Hum, it's looks really hard but i guess it's possible : at left you can easy go to the last part with the hook. Then you can hook down and go edge, you can with a good timing go to the next edge and then edge the last killTile to finish the map

bit 07/16/2019 9:38 AM

Thank you for your testing and advices. I still dont like to put cp in such a short map.

bit 07/16/2019 9:38 AM

The hookable block on the right isnt useless, player need it to get on to the block above.

bit 07/16/2019 9:38 AM
bit 07/16/2019 9:39 AM

The last jump is not faily, because player cant touch the tele above if he jump without using grenade.

bit 07/16/2019 9:39 AM

And I fixed the last insane skip by changing speeder.

bit 07/16/2019 9:39 AM
bit 07/16/2019 9:39 AM
bit 07/16/2019 9:40 AM

Compressed file size

bit 07/16/2019 9:40 AM

Removed the 'grenade required' mark

bit 07/16/2019 9:42 AM

I agree with jao that players need read the map before playing in such hard maps

Firewave 07/16/2019 9:55 AM

bit it's your choice, I advice you for it but the map is nice. Ohh yes bit i forgot the hook needed here sorry.

Firewave 07/16/2019 9:55 AM

Nice for the cheat, i guess it's really hard but possible

Firewave 07/16/2019 9:56 AM

I agree with both but the map is hard to "read" so now it's more a puzzle map but that's nice πŸ˜ƒ

bit 07/16/2019 10:04 AM

not that puzzled

bit 07/16/2019 10:04 AM
Firewave 07/16/2019 10:49 AM

Haha i looked before start to play and it was like a easy puzzle πŸ˜„

Ryozuki 07/19/2019 6:03 PM

bg looks insanely bad imho

Firewave 07/19/2019 6:08 PM

I like this color, It's like a fog

bit 07/19/2019 7:40 PM

It all depends on personal preference πŸ˜‚

jao 07/30/2019 1:59 PM

those corners are gametiles for all other layers

Kicker 07/30/2019 1:59 PM

swing to the button still annoying, u can delete it just like option to fix it so u no need very good swing and map should be ready i guess

bit 07/30/2019 4:45 PM
bit 07/30/2019 4:45 PM

fixed , put unfreeze tile in all corners

bit 07/30/2019 4:48 PM

i think that swinging is not that hard to do with DJ πŸ€” so I didn't change it

Kicker 07/30/2019 6:00 PM

it is

Kicker 07/30/2019 6:01 PM


bit 07/30/2019 7:18 PM

no this is almost the easiest part in this faily map. it's not random or accurate, you won't even fail if do it with right way.

Kicker 07/30/2019 7:28 PM

its accurate that why its annoying

Kicker 07/30/2019 7:29 PM

why it so big deal to delete button

Kicker 07/30/2019 7:35 PM

well u can keep it if u want it so hard but im sure it will be better if u just delete button

Kicker 07/30/2019 7:51 PM

$ready 3

jao 07/30/2019 7:52 PM


Kicker 07/30/2019 7:54 PM

finished it in 10 mins and half of my far fails were cause of this swing

Kicker 07/30/2019 7:55 PM

its much easier compared to first one which is 4*

jao 07/30/2019 7:55 PM

you’re just good at this

Kicker 07/30/2019 7:58 PM

ok mb

Bacon 08/07/2019 4:55 PM

On a fun scale from 1-10 this is a 0

Bacon 08/07/2019 5:02 PM

Also the swing part is turbo shit

Bacon 08/07/2019 5:02 PM

its not even a creative map in a new way

Bacon 08/07/2019 5:02 PM


archimede67 08/07/2019 5:13 PM


Starkiller 08/09/2019 4:18 PM

fix this bug when

bit 08/10/2019 8:55 AM

thank u

bit 08/10/2019 8:55 AM
bit 08/10/2019 8:55 AM


Starkiller 08/10/2019 9:15 AM

jao already fixed it

Starkiller 08/10/2019 9:15 AM


bit 08/10/2019 10:14 AM
Im 'corneum 08/10/2019 10:15 AM

i dont want to say i want this map to be deleted... but damn this map was unnecessary

jao 08/10/2019 12:10 PM

dont play it if u dont like it

jao 08/10/2019 12:11 PM

or voice your opinion before release