26/48 | Balance: 6/10 • Flow: 7/10 • Creativity: 4/10 • Playability: 5/10 • Fun: 3/5 • Design: 1/3 — 5 Votes
DDNet 07/02/2018 2:43 PM
DDNet 07/02/2018 2:43 PM
Brokecdx- 07/02/2018 10:39 PM

$rate balance=5 flow=7 creativity=5 playability=5 fun=3 design=1 bonus=0

Brokecdx- 07/02/2018 10:41 PM

I like the design idea, please remove all kill tiles, they are very unnecessary. Maybe make the map longer than it is now? It felt pretty short.

Brokecdx- 07/02/2018 10:41 PM
jao 07/03/2018 10:59 AM

isn't this someone else's map?

DanilBést 07/03/2018 12:48 PM


vozdushniy 07/05/2018 12:59 AM

Entity bug

vozdushniy 07/05/2018 12:59 AM
vozdushniy 07/05/2018 12:59 AM


vozdushniy 07/05/2018 1:01 AM

$rate balance=6 flow=6 creativity=7 playability=8 fun=3 design=1 bonus=0

snail 07/10/2018 12:36 PM
snail 07/10/2018 12:37 PM

desert wolf anyone?

Pipou 07/10/2018 12:42 PM


snail 07/10/2018 12:42 PM

$rate balance=6 flow=7 creativity=3 playability=4 fun=4 design=1 bonus=0

snail 07/10/2018 12:43 PM

the ending gores is harder than rest of map and lame imo

snail 07/10/2018 12:43 PM

overall a good naufrage like map with a stolen part tho..

Pipou 07/10/2018 12:46 PM

I think you could open both sides at the end so if somebody passed the gores they can just all fall. Fake entities at the left side of the last gores.

Pipou 07/10/2018 12:48 PM

$rate balance=6 flow=7 creativity=2 playability=4 fun=4 design=1 bonus=0

jao 07/10/2018 12:49 PM

you should point out what to improve if you give bad ratings (e.g. 4 playability)

Pipou 07/10/2018 12:55 PM

Also, use clips for the trees (at the end, right side wall, the tree goes out of it).

snail 07/10/2018 1:01 PM

mostly the ending gores

snail 07/10/2018 1:01 PM

i guess 4 is too harsh

snail 07/10/2018 1:01 PM

$rate playability=5

snail 07/10/2018 1:01 PM

some parts are rly faily and the end gores is out of place imo

Brokecdx- 07/10/2018 1:07 PM

for me just the gores part destroyes the map overall

snail 07/10/2018 1:23 PM


snail 07/10/2018 1:23 PM

thats why i put 4

snail 07/10/2018 1:24 PM

and also balance lost a point

DanilBést 07/16/2018 8:47 AM

just we maybe should Qí join the Discord soon

Ravie 07/16/2018 2:16 PM

You shouldn't submit other mapper's maps from forum without forwarding the testing to forum / applying fixes

DanilBést 07/16/2018 2:30 PM


Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 7:53 PM

$rate balance=8 flow=6 creativity=4 playability=6 fun=3 design=1

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 7:55 PM

Balance 8 bcs in the beginning it rly feels a bit ubalanced. But once you find your beta the parts feel easier and more smooth overall. The gores, as many said doenst fit and destroys a somehow good faily speedrun map IMO. Tbh it would be a shame to decline the map bcs of the creativity and 5 points on playability.

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 7:57 PM

Feels a bit too faily overall. Mby by adding freeze right and moving the right side of the unhook 1 Tile to the left may imrpove this part IMO. Does not need to be done.

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 7:58 PM

A bit more specious on the middle of the part and it feels much better to advance on it.

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 7:59 PM

DISCLAIMER these are all suggestions and dont need to be implemented!

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 8:04 PM

I have wrote Qí (Mapper) on the forum. Hopefully hell be online these days. (Last online Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:59 pm)

Ravie 07/25/2018 8:06 PM

Actually your arrow on the tower screen is pointing to the wrong block but still the same idea 😛

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 8:07 PM

You can tower down there with a precise palcement above. Dunno if its ok for the mapper. Thx to Ravie for the test (deleted last pic. Incorrect. Correct version now)

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 8:08 PM

saw it just now,too . Updated

Rico (T3ntuki) [EU] 07/25/2018 8:13 PM
Kicker 08/02/2018 2:55 PM

delete this kill tile pls, its super bad for t0

DanilBést 08/02/2018 2:56 PM

I will need join that Q i soon

jao 08/02/2018 2:56 PM

I would just delete all kill tiles, they feel pretty random to me

Kicker 08/02/2018 2:56 PM

this part is very bad imo, and u can easy skip it with team of 4

Kicker 08/02/2018 2:57 PM

such gores part for this map too hard, make it more easier

DanilBést 08/02/2018 2:58 PM

gores that unbalanced to last part

Kicker 08/02/2018 3:00 PM

$rate balance=6 flow=6 creativity=5 playability=6 fun=3 design=1

jao 08/06/2018 10:17 AM

not enough playability