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DDraceNetwork (DDNet) is an actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are located in Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, China, Chile, Brazil and South Africa. All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points!

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Download DDraceNetwork Client & Server 10.3

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DDNet 10.3 has been released


DDNet 10.3 has been released. You can download it on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.

DDNet CHN on new server


DDNet CHN has been switched to a new server with a new IP. If you're using favorites, update them!

DDNet Chile on new Server


DDNet Chile has been switched to a new server with a new IP. If you're using favorites, update them!

DDNet 10.2 has been released


DDNet 10.2 has been released. You can download it on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.

Experiences of Running an Online Game for 3 Years


For DDNet's upcoming third birthday I wrote an article about how DDNet is run.

Country Specific Ranks Pages


After a suggestion by sorgaxD I now implemented country specific ranks pages. This means you can now compare your ranks against everyone else playing on your own country server!

Note that the country ranks only start on 27. August 2014, all older ranks are in OLD Ranks because we didn't record the country of race finishes back then.

DDNet Persian now running in Iran


Thanks to ChuCky and his people we have a new server in Iran. Have fun playing on DDNet Persian!

DDNet 10.1 has been released


DDNet 10.1 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Client] Add cl_showpred 1 to show prediction time (similar to ping) ingame (by Ryozuki)
  • [Editor] Add auto gametile placer for hookthrough (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Merge buttons for tele, switch, tune and speedup layer into one (by BannZay)
  • [Client] Jump to the next word when pressing CTRL+arrowkey in chat (by Henningstone)
  • [Client] Make cl_show_ids also show client ids in chat
  • [Client] Add gfx_highdpi 1 for experimental High-DPI screen support
  • [Client] Add inp_mouseold 1 for old mouse input
  • [Client] Improve fullscreen in Gnome
  • [Client] Improve handling of multiple screens
  • [Client] Disable input when window focus lost
  • [Client] Show DDNet entities by default, fixes invisible freeze after joining (thanks to kamillentee)
  • [Client] Pressing shift makes sliders in various menus move slower
  • [Client] Sort demos case-insensitively
  • [Client] Reconnect on timeout to last address, not the one selected in browser
  • [Client] Fix br_filter_exclude_countries including the values from br_filter_exclude_types (by timakro)
  • [Client] Fix autoupdater on windows XP
  • [Client] Fix local console auto completion
  • [Client] Fix "vanilla skins only" setting in menu
  • [Client] Fix buffer overflow when pasting text (thanks to Im 'corneum)
  • [Client] Add support for old race server racetime messages in HUD, including checkpoint time difference
  • [Client] Add client setting cl_ignored_modifiers to ignore a set of keyboard modifiers, 0 ignores nothing, use these values to ignore certain modifiers
  • [Client] Immediately accept input while console is still opening
  • [Client] Disable antiping on solo servers and in solo parts
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console bug that caused a crash (by Henningstone)
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console to remove newlines from commands
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console on Mac OS X (by HMH)
  • [Server/Client] Clean up debug messages
  • [Server] More uniform output of /times (thanks to Soreu)
  • [Server] Make sv_join_vote_delay work for /map votes and make the number of seconds configurable
  • [Server] Don't show /top5 from rank 0 on (by Henningstone)
  • [Server] Don't allow restarting after touching finish line on solo server
  • [Editor] Make envelopes unsynchronized by default and explain the setting better
  • [Editor] Reorder auto gametile placers (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Editor] Rename some auto gametile placers (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Explain the unused button when a mapper tries to place a unused tile with the button turned off
  • [Editor] Fix gametile placer button and automapper button overlapping (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Fix size of popups
  • [Editor] Fix ed_showkeys with mousewheel
  • [Mapping] Fix sv_deepfly, works now (by timakro)
  • [Installation] Fix debian installation instructions
  • [Translation] Fix persian and simplified_chinese language files syntax (by timakro)

Full list of git changes

Download your own copy of DDNet maps


Have you ever had Internet problems and still wanted to play your favorite DDNet maps? Now it has become a bit easier:

The ddnet-maps repository contains all official DDNet maps, updated daily, ready to be run in your own server! Simply download this repository, add your DDNet-Server binary (distributed together with the DDNet client) and start the server. You can change the settings in autoexec_server.cfg

To download this repository you have two choices:

  1. Download the ZIP and you get a current snapshot of all maps, but can't easily update it.
  2. git clone https://github.com/ddnet/ddnet-maps and you have the full history of this git repository. To update your copy of maps simply execute git pull.

To follow our map releases you can also check out Recent Map Releases or subscribe to the feed.

DDNet 10.0 has been released


DDNet 10.0 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Client] Switched to SDL2, allows pasting from clipboard and a better compatibility with new environments (mostly by swick & oy)
  • [Server/Client] Add a faster and easier to use hookthrough tile, read the tutorial (by timakro)
  • [Client] Added overlay entities support for other gametypes including OpenFNG and Race (by Soreu & timakro)
  • [Client] Update mapping and overlay entities (by Soreu)
  • [Client] Add client setting cl_show_local_time_always=0 if true show the current time ingame at the top of the screen
  • [Client] Rename cl_reconnect_ban to cl_reconnect_timeout
  • [Client] Remove cl_reconnect_full and cl_reconnect_full_timeout, set cl_reconnect_timeout or cl_reconnect_full to 0 to deactivate reconnecting now
  • [Client] Add function to remove messages from demo when slicing it
  • [Client] Add client command demo_speed i[speed] to set the demo playing speed
  • [Client] Remove ingame network tab to show browser and ghost tab directly
  • [Client] Show ingame ghost tab only on race servers (by Henningstone)
  • [Client] Alert if layer size is bigger than 1000 to prevent unnecessary huge layers
  • [Client] Add shorcut key F5 or CTRL+R to reload server and demo browser
  • [Client] Make double click work on votes
  • [Client] Key up/down in serverbrowser doesn't change friend list
  • [Client] Make fading border in menu more customizeable (by Soreu & timakro)
  • [Client] Fix: No tab selected when joining server from news page
  • [Client] Fix: gfx_resizable on by default with X11
  • [Server] Add server settings sv_connlimit=4 and sv_connlimit_time=20 to control the number of connections an IP is allowed to do in a timespan
  • [Development] Allow autoupdater to update DLL files (by Learath2)
  • [Editor] Prevent placing unused tiles, mapping for other gametypes requires activating the 'Unused' button now!
  • [Editor] Rearrange editor buttons to fit for 5:4 resolutions and a cleaner look (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Add map setting sv_deepfly=1 if false deepfly doesn't work anymore, useful for dummy maps (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Improve automapper for ddnet_tiles.png (by hi_leute_gll)

Full list of git changes

Since DDNet 10.0, if you're on Linux you need to install SDL2 using your package manager. On Debian and Ubuntu this can be done using sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0