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DDraceNetwork (DDNet) is an actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are around the world. All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points!


Download DDraceNetwork Client & Server 15.7

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DDNet keeps being built by the Community


Huge thanks to all contributors!

Numerous mappers in our community actively create new maps, huge thanks to them for all their efforts! See our Recent Map Releases for newly released maps!

Thanks to all our testers for testing these maps on our DDNet Discord Server, especially these, based on the Discord Testing Activity:

name      $ready  comments
Cøke          76      3653
Ravie         33      1992
jao           28      3844
174           17       498
Knuski        11      1043
Kicker        10       909
Welf           9      1019
Sorah          6       554
DarkOort       5      1034
Qywinc         5       941
texnonik       4      1388
louis          4      3626
Lady Saavik    4      1694
Soapy Sandwich 2       568
Dino           2       280

As DDNet is open source we continuously improve the game itself and the client experience. See the recent changelogs for new features and improvements. You can also contribute to DDNet yourself on GitHub, including client translations in your native language.

Come join our community on our Discord Server!

If you like what we are doing consider nominating DDNet in the Labor of Love category of the Steam Awards:

This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the debut of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.

Happy Halloween 2021!


DDNet celebrates Halloween! Enjoy the dark website theme by Soreu with improvements by Ryozuki.

It’s a good time to have fun with your friends on our servers, so get one of the new Halloween 2021 skins by Pipou or one of the older Halloween skins, just type its name in client. Join one of the DDNet Halloween servers in all locations with popular maps redesigned by Lady Saavik and a new Multeasymap redesign by Cøke & Tridemy.

On October 31 a ghost might also haunt your tee!

Ten millionth finish


On Thursday, September 30, DDNet reached its ten millionth finish. It was by MaKaBaKa on the map Cool at 14:26:48 UTC+2.

As you can see in the diagram above, the number of finishes grew faster since the Steam release, with the five millionth happening not even a year earlier on 2020-10-31 20:59:22 UTC+2 by MrAFK on Impulse_01.

New GER1 & USA2 game servers sponsored by secured.gg


secured.gg is sponsoring new DDNet GER1 (Frankfurt) & USA2 (Dallas) servers with custom DDoS protection to us, free of charge. Thanks a lot! Please try out the new servers and report on DDNet Discord if you have any problems with the new servers.

This happened following a blog post detailing our struggle with DoS attack.

DDNet on Speedrun.com


coradax reports:

DDNet is now on Speedrun.com! The best maps from all categories and a few original challenges were selected to represent the speedrun in DDNet, check it out on Speedrun.com. You can start speedrunning and submit your runs to be part of the leaderboard. Thank to VéNa for helping me setting up the site.

Quick Tournament #58: Teetrader by SickCunt & Feuerfaust Ace


I’m happy to present you this year’s fifth Tournament, the Brutal (★★✰✰✰) map Teetrader by SickCunt & Feuerfaust Ace:

The Tournament will be played on Saturday, June 19 at 18:00 CEST on special Tournament servers in every DDNet location. No one has seen the map yet and the best time after 2 hours will win!

Thanks to louis & DarkOort for testing the map! Discussion on the forum. The results will later be available on the tournament page.

coradax takes Top Rank Globally


Congratulations to coradax for taking the global top rank from long-time top player N9mkOik as well as global top team rank from Brokecdx-! See the Points Calculation for how top ranks are calculated. The current global scoreboard:

Team Rank

1.9369 ptsGERcoradax
2.7853 ptsGERBrokecdx-
3.7847 ptsGERrockuS
4.5329 ptsGERStarkiller
5.5150 ptsGERlola
6.5006 ptsGERNoctua
7.4790 ptsGERCor
8.4702 ptsGERShawn.
9.3757 ptsGERAoe
10.3546 ptsZAFNovaShock
11.3364 ptsGERBlack Jack
12.3259 ptsGER[D]coradax
13.3010 ptsGERCireme
14.3007 ptsGERad
15.2988 ptsGERrezee
16.2883 ptsGERHaHAxD*
17.2868 ptsGERano :3
18.2769 ptsGERFreezestyler
19.2765 ptsCHLGrk0ne
20.2698 ptsGERTrap


1.8246 ptsGERcoradax
2.8141 ptsRUSN9mkOik
3.5455 ptsGERrockuS
4.5234 ptsGERBrokecdx-
5.3719 ptsGERStarkiller
6.3665 ptsGERShawn.
7.3632 ptsGERCor
8.3326 ptsGERlola
9.3314 ptsGERYota.
10.3301 ptsGERNoctua
11.3071 ptsGERnether
12.2982 ptsGERAoe
13.2909 ptsGER*~Rôny~*
14.2718 ptsGER[D]coradax
15.2678 ptsGERano :3
16.2598 ptsGERBlack Jack
17.2238 ptsGERCireme
18.2133 ptsGERSpooky
19.2098 ptsGERrezee
20.2001 ptsZAFNovaShock

You can also follow the latest top ranks on Discord or the Status page (RSS feed).

Quick Tournament #57: Bollermann by Cøke


I’m happy to present you this year’s fourth Tournament, the Brutal (★✰✰✰✰) map Bollermann by Cøke:

The Tournament will be played on Sunday, May 16 at 20:00 CEST on special Tournament servers in every DDNet location. No one has seen the map yet and the best time after 90 min will win!

Thanks to Knuski & QuiX for testing the map! Discussion on the forum. The results will later be available on the tournament page.

Quick Tournament #56: Best of Three by Tridemy & Cøke


I’m happy to present you this year’s third Tournament, the Brutal (★★★✰✰) map “Best of Three” by Tridemy & Cøke:

The Tournament will be played on Sunday, April 25 at 20:00 CEST on special Tournament servers in every DDNet location. No one has seen the map yet and the first finish will win! The map is for 3-player teams only!

Thanks to QuiX, Knuski & louis for testing the map! Discussion on the forum. The results will later be available on the tournament page.

Cor finishes DDNet!


Congratulations to Cor for finishing every single map on DDNet! His last finish was New Generation II 4 days ago with Aoe, coradax and @everyone. The current global scoreboard:

Points (26932 total)

1.26932 ptsGERCor
2.26872 ptsGERStarkiller
3.26372 ptsGERAoe
4.26282 ptsCHLGrk0ne
5.26273 ptsGERFreezestyler
6.25707 ptsGERHaHAxD*
7.25686 ptsCHLColo-Colo
8.25446 ptsRUSTyшkaNчuk
9.24150 ptsGERBaconDrink
10.24032 ptsCHL.:Danytto:.
11.23856 ptsGERano :3
12.23647 ptsGERbano
13.23268 ptsRUS[email protected]
14.23108 ptsGEREsckiller
15.23016 ptsGERNoctua
16.22336 ptsGER<BµmM>
17.22284 ptsGERCendren
18.22222 ptsBRAGoran
19.22173 ptsGERI.K.U
20.21497 ptsZAFNovaShock

Previously Starkiller had finished all maps on DDNet, see the news post from about 3 years ago.

The video by Eki shows the development of points on DDNet: