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DDraceNetwork (DDNet) is an actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are located in Germany, Russia, USA, China, Chile, Brazil and South Africa. All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points!


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Most Points in a Day


On Sunday, March 17 DDNet broke its old record of the most points earned in a day! The points were made on the following server types:


Obviously being on the weekend gave a big bonus, but nearly half of the earned points were thanks to the freshly released Dummy map Dummy Chamber 3 by Im 'corneum:

Dummy Server

2019-03-17 16:00

Dummy Chamber 3

by Im 'corneum

Difficulty: ★★✰✰✰, Points: 15
Grenade Deep Freeze

The map is the third installation in a map series inspired by the graphics and puzzles of the popular Portal game series.

For comparison, the previous record of 21531 points in a day was also on a Sunday, specifically March 6, 2016. And one day earlier another dummy map in a popular series was released as well: Caventure IV by Meliodafu:

Dummy Server

2016-03-05 20:20

Caventure IV

by Meliodafu

Difficulty: ★★✰✰✰, Points: 15
Grenade Rifle Endless Hook No Player Collision Super Jumps Jetpack

I guess this either means that Dummy maps are really popular or they give too many points considering their difficulty.

In unrelated news, there has been a lot of work going on in DDNet development today, so look forward to the next release.

Grim Reaper finished


Grim Reaper by Pulsar has finally been finished 4 months after its release:

Grim Reaper

by Pulsar

Difficulty: ★★★★★, Points: 50
Grenade Rifle Deep Freeze No Hit Super Jumps
2 tees finished
1 team finished (biggest team: 2)

Team Records:

1.20:13N9mkOik & Vendetta

Watch the insanely hard run by the Russian pros N9mkOik & Vendetta:

The only other 50 points map is Adrenaline 4 by Silex, which has only been finished by one team on GER and one on Chile, each with times of over 5 hours:

Adrenaline 4

by Silex

Difficulty: ★★★★★, Points: 50
Solo Shotgun Grenade Rifle Deep Freeze No Hit
9 tees finished
2 teams finished (biggest team: 7)

On Solo server the recently released Memento mori by Starkiller is still unfinished:

Memento mori

by Starkiller

Difficulty: ★★★★★, Points: 20
Shotgun Grenade Rifle Deep Freeze
0 tees finished

Best Maps/Mappers of 2018 polls


2018 is coming to an end and like last year, you can vote for your favorite maps/mappers of the year!

Everyone has 3 votes for each category. The polls will be running for 2 weeks until January 13th.

In total, 79 (new) maps were released this year - by far the most by Im 'corneum with 15 maps.

Funding for 2018


As the year is coming to an end, it's time to thank everyone who donated money or time to DDNet this year, allowing us to keep the servers running and interesting. Special thanks to

and of course thank you to all the great mappers, testers, developers, moderators and players!

Theme Switcher by Elouan


As you might have noticed the DDNet.tw website had a Halloween theme for a bit of a longer time this year. Some people, including me, took a liking to the dark theme by Soreu.

Now thanks to Elouan we have a theme switcher in the top right corner on DDNet.tw that allows you to enable the dark theme and keep the setting stored in a cookie in your browser.

N9mkOik botting


Yet again, we have exposed another botter among us: N9mkOik

It will come as no surprise to many. A lot players had a watch on him early on, since he quickly started doing top ranks while his name was still unknown. We already obeserved him when replay-bots started to become popular, but there never was definitive proof - until now. Ironically it was N9mkOik himself, who brought him to our attention again when we moved a presumed legit rank from a fakename to his name. In his mind he was innocent as it wasn't actually him who passed the finish line. He "only" created a botted save-game and then gave it away.. However, after further digging we found more cheated ranks.

As a consequence, he will be name-banned for 2 months. The length of the ban will be increased should it be deemed necessary.

We estimate that he actively botted from 01.01.2018 to 30.04.2018. Due to the amount of potentially cheated relevant ranks (104 rank 1s and 34 rank 2-5s), we have decided to take special messurements. All of his top 5 Dummy, Solo and Race ranks he made during that time were deleted. Allthough it may seem contradicting to our philosophy of not deleting legit ranks, this is the only way we can preserve the integrity and competitiveness of our rank system. Manually verifying ~150 ranks is simply not possible.

See the forum thread for further information and discussion.

Happy Halloween 2018!


DDNet celebrates Halloween! Enjoy the dark website theme by Soreu. It's a good time to have fun with your friends on our servers, so get dressed up and join one of the DDNet Halloween servers in all locations with popular maps redesigned by Lady Saavik.

DDNet Discord Bot by jao


Recently the @DDNet bot on the official DDNet Discord server has been extended by jao.

  • $profile <player> shows a player's points, teamrank points and rank points:

  • $map <map> shows a map's top finishes and other details:

  • The info channel displays DDNet server statistics:

  • For a while the newest map releases and records have already been announced:

For the new $profile and $map feature thanks to Oblikumquat for coding help, Ravie for drawing the game-tiles, Freezestyler for selecting the backgrounds and everyone who tested and suggested ideas. Thanks to Ryozuki for coding help for the info channel server statistics.

You can also use it on your own server or in DMs with the bot.

Source code is available on GitHub.

Teeworlds Auto-Font by bit


Today bit presented a new tool for mappers to easily create font mapres. It is now available on DDNet.tw/auto-font.

Buggy Tiles in DDNet Server 11.4 and 11.4.1


On August 21 DDNet 11.4 was released with a server bug that made some tiles have no effect. As of 22:50 on August 23 the official servers were rebooted with the new version 11.4.1 (skipping 11.4) that had the same bug. The effect was that players since then could finish maps much easier and as we saw on Discord this was widely abused immediately:

This morning at 09:40 we fixed the bug and released DDNet 11.4.2 with a new version and immediately force-restarted all servers. Since this bug made most maps significantly easier to finish all ranks and saves made between 2018-08-23 22:50 CEST and 2018-08-24 09:40 CEST had to be deleted.

If you are running your own server and updated it to DDNet 11.4 or 11.4.1 already, make sure to update the server immediately and remove affected ranks and saves.

Sorry for the inconvenience.