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DDraceNetwork (DDNet) is an actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are located in Germany, Russia, USA, China, Chile, Brazil and South Africa. All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points!


Download DDraceNetwork Client & Server 12.7.3

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The End of DDNet... Brazil


We will stop hosting official DDNet servers in Brazil. We are not sure when exactly the hoster will shut us down. Huge thanks to RafaelFF for sponsoring the server for the past years! (And also for maintaining the DDNet ArchLinux AUR package and DDNet ArchWiki entry.)

The situation is that there are only a few players on Brazil server, but the costs are quite high at about 20 € / month. We had to reconsider as RafaelFF could no longer pay by his usual method, and we would have had to set up a new server anyway since the hoster stopped offering virtual servers (or renamed them to cloud, depending on your PoV).

Hopefully the Chile servers are close enough that Brazilian players can play there.

DDNet GER2 Running for Testing


Thanks to heinrich5991 we have another DDNet GER2 server running. Enjoy!

Yota. is on a Top Rank Streak


Looking at the top records on DDNet yesterday it seems like Yota. is on a streak of getting top ranks, mostly in dummy maps. I don't think I've ever seen that many top ranks by one player in a single day:

15:43 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] Tech: 03:10.74 Yota. (next best time: 03:23.88)

14:59 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] Greed: 06:37.10 Yota. (next best time: 07:15.62)

13:26 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] DuNoMa: 05:54.30 Yota. (next best time: 06:33.36)

11:34 GER Top 1 team rank on [Dummy] Just Rocketfly 2: 02:36.88 ToYota. & Yota. (next best time: 02:42.64)

09:51 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] TomorrowLand: 04:36.40 Yota. (next best time: 05:18.54)

09:23 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] Samsara II: 04:29.66 Yota. (next best time: 04:50.70)

08:51 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] Samsara: 04:22.12 Yota. (next best time: 04:34.12)

08:19 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] TakeUrLuggage: 04:23.82 Yota. (next best time: 04:36.18)

06:42 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] Skychase: 04:54.26 Yota. (next best time: 05:07.42)

05:24 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] Caventure: 02:34.14 Yota. (next best time: 02:35.48)

04:30 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] SavannaDrag: 03:43.78 Yota. (next best time: 04:00.96)

02:47 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] SavannaDrag 3: 02:28.96 Yota. (next best time: 02:34.38)

02:23 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] SavannaDrag 4: 02:09.40 Yota. (next best time: 02:16.22)

01:53 GER Finish on [Dummy] Nalar: 11:12.80 Yota. (30 points)

23:50 GER Top 1 rank on [Dummy] nora: 02:09.06 Yota. (next best time: 02:14.46)

DDNet 12.7 with easier Hammer on Unfreeze


DDNet 12.7 has been released today with the following highlights:

  • [Server] Allow to hammer directly on unfreeze. Previously, this was only doable with frame-perfect input if you were going to get frozen again the next tick. Now, you only have to hold your hammer to immediately hammer once you get unfrozen.
  • [Client] Numbers centered for OpenGL 3.3 [Andrii]
  • [Client] Add tunezone prediction [trml]
  • [Client] Add toggle keyboard shortcuts button to demo player [jao]
  • [Client] Don't highlight window when playing demo
  • [Client] Fix keeping tmp replay demo file on map change [archimede67]
  • [Client] Fix skin reset [jao]
  • [Editor] Add a saner way to select angles [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix telegun save [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Handle 0 star random map votes [jao]
  • [Server] Fix filescore path [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Mark players as afk initially [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix show_ips to show regular formatting

You can download DDNet 12.7 on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.

6th Birthday Tournament


DDNet is six years old and that means ... it's time for DDNet to go to school. Also, we'll have a tournament ready that will get your brain ducked!

Join us on Sunday, August 18th at 20:00 CEST to play the brand-new Brutal map brainduck2 by ٭ıƞdex'<3 & Rapture on every official DDNet server around the world. May the first team to finish win!

Discussion on the forum.

Quick Tournament #48 on Stronghold 3 by Pipou


I'm happy to present you the second DDNet Tournament of 2019, the Brutal map Stronghold 3 by Pipou:

The Tournament will be played on Sunday, July 7 at 20:00 CEST. The first group to finish wins, team 0 allowed. Everyone is welcome to join or watch! Discussion on the forum.

TMLP Deathmatch Night | Saturday 2019-06-15 20:00 CEST | timakro.de:8500


The Teeworlds Machine Learning Project needs you, or more precisely your skill! On the TMLP Vanilla DM server (connect to timakro.de:8500 or search for TMLP) we automatically record your gameplay to train an AI on it.

The master servers are under attack lately so the server gets little attention. This is why I invite you to the TMLP Deathmatch Night this Saturday 2019-06-15 at 20:00 CEST. The address of the server in Germany is timakro.de:8500 on version 0.6, add it to your favorites! We will be playing 10 rounds of DM with the winner being the first one to reach 20 points. The player with the most wins gets a special mention in the servers MOTD if they wish so, the better you play the more valuable your data is to the project after all. I hope to see your there! Apart from the event you are always welcome to play on our server.

Map suggestions are welcome, because a wide variety of maps is beneficial for the AI training in order for the AI to learn the game and not a specific map. Currently we host all the standard DM and CTF maps. If you are a leader or member of a competitive DM community I'd be happy to connect with you and maybe form a collaboration.

The goal is to teach an AI to play Teeworlds Deathmatch. Here's an example of how the recorded data looks like, which is what the AI will see:

Once the AI is a little bit competent I will experimenting with reinforcement learning, which basically means letting the AI playing against another instance of itself and training it on the gameplay data of the winner. I will release my results and the source code in the future, if the project is successful.

Post by timakro. Discussion on Forum.

ddnet: Links


With recent versions of DDNet client you can play demo files directly by pulling them into the client instead of having to put the demo file into the demo directory and navigating to it in the client.

A less known feature that has existed for a few months is opening links to DDNet server with the client directly. The links can look like this:

You can see those links on our status page as well.

On Windows you can set the default program to open ddnet: links using this guide by following the instructions for "Manage Launch Options by Protocol".

On Linux you can create a ~/.local/share/applications/DDNet.desktop file with this content:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=DDNet %u

And then running xdg-settings set default-url-scheme-handler ddnet DDNet.desktop.

DDNet 12.1 Release


DDNet 12.1 has been released with the following highlights:

  • [Client] Colored ping in scoreboard [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Color for your clan in scoreboard [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Console command color_from_rgb to convert colors into TW formats
  • [Client] Handle failures while updating
  • [Client] Add ctrl-a/ctrl-e navigation in console [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix Home/End keys in console
  • [Client] cl_mouse_min_distance to keep mouse at a minimum distance from center of screen
  • [Client] Enable gun sound by default again
  • [Client] Allow faster demo playback
  • [Editor] Notify about chat mentions [jao]
  • [Editor] Fix nondestructive mapping mode with hookthroughs [jao]
  • [Editor] More accurate world offset calculation [jao]
  • [Server] Display playerflags and DNSBL in rcon status command
  • [Server] Don't show IPs in rcon console by default, enable with show_ips 1
  • [Server] Save telegun on /save [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Make timestamp consistent for every member of team in final ranks
  • [Server] Display unicode names like 😶 correctly when returned from database
  • [Server] Fix crash when draggers don't have a number [jao]
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

You can download DDNet 12.1 on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.

Recent Top Records


Previously the recent top records on DDNet were only visible in the #records channel on our Discord server. Now they are also displayed prominently on the Status page, where you can toggle whether to see the top records of the last day or the last week. You can also use a feed reader to keep up with the most recent top records using the Atom feed we provide.

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