DDRace Servers and much more!

DDraceNetwork (DDNet) is an actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are located in Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Chile, Brazil and South Africa. All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points!


Download DDraceNetwork Client & Server 9.0.2 | Try it out in your browser


Happy Halloween!


As you can see, DDNet also celebrates Halloween. That's why we have prepared several attractions to provide you with a creepy atmosphere. It's a good time to have fun with your friends on our servers, so get dressed up and join one of these Halloween servers:

  • GER: ger.ddnet.tw:8344
  • GER2: ger2.ddnet.tw:8344
  • RUS: rus.ddnet.tw:8344
  • USA: usa.ddnet.tw:8344
  • CAN: can.ddnet.tw:8344
  • CHN: chn.ddnet.tw:8344
  • Brazil: bra.ddnet.tw:8344
  • South Africa: zaf.ddnet.tw:8344
to play 5 well known, but redesigned maps. Event is available from 2015-10-30 to 2015-11-01.

New Forum Structure!


Our forum has been fully restructured. Now everything is split into more categories. See the results here. We encourage you to create an account, if you don't have it yet. First, you can start by checking the following topics:

  • Players to introduce yourself to our community
  • Videos to have a good time with Teeworlds related videos
  • Map Testing if you made a map and want it to be released on DDNet
  • Map Bugs if you found any mistakes or don't agree with the rating
  • Tutorials because it is never late to learn
  • Support if you want to improve our Server & Client
  • Staff Recruitment if you feel like helping us in any way (such as testing, coding & other tasks)
Further explanation: New Forum Structure

DDNet keeps running


DDNet will keep running, there will be new administration and forum structure, deen will retire from his active position and will no longer be the person to contact. Read a detailed explanation on the forum.

The End of DDraceNetwork


DDraceNetwork ends on October 1 if we can't find someone to run the servers. It has been a great 2 years building DDNet as a totally free game with servers all over the world, overcoming technical and personal challenges and watching the international community grow. Huge thanks to everyone who helped, donated and spent their time on DDNet, without you all DDNet would never have been possible! You can read more about DDNet's history if you're interested.

The main reason for shutting down DDNet is that I'm finishing my studies and want to focus on other projects. The time needed and costs for keeping DDNet running are too high for me. I couldn't bear to watch DDNet deteriorate in quality and no fitting maintainer could be found to keep DDNet running.

All the work put into DDNet and the collected data stays available for other server hosters to use as they see fit:

Interested server hosters can use IRC (#ddnet on Quakenet, Webchat) or the forum if they need help.

I hope you all had a great time on DDNet and met many nice people from all over the world. Enjoy your life!

You can discuss this on the forum.

deen / Dennis Felsing

New DDNet GER2 server running


There's a new DDNet GER2 server running now. Let's see if the server runs fine.

Tournament #15 is finally over!


After 1 year and 2 months the map of the DDNet Quick Tournament #15 has finally been finished by LanuX & nealson T'nP. Congratulations!

That was definitely the longest running tournament we ever had.

Race maps will be released in the next month


For those who don't know: Race is an old Teeworlds modification where you play alone and have to finish maps with grenades, without falling into teleporters.

Thanks to great help by Lady Saavik all the race maps for DDNet's Race server are now ready for release. Every day from 2015-09-08 to 2015-10-13 (except Sundays) two race maps will be released at 12:00 CEST.

You can see the current maps in the list of map releases.

Nightly Builds


DDNet now offers nightly builds, built every night at 03:15 CEST of the current DDNet source code as it's available on Github:

Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Linux x86, Linux x86_64, Mac OS X, Android (build log)

You can use these nightly builds to try out new DDNet features before they're released and report problems and suggestions. The nightly client does not auto-update each night, instead you will get a notification when a new regular DDNet version has been released.

DDNet 9.0 has been released


DDNet 9.0 has been released with the following changes:

  • Save server settings inside the map file, can be edited in editor, server sends map version with configs in the map, config_store and config_retrieve tools (by heinrich5991)
  • [Client] Use a map as custom entities background, %current% for the current map (by Chairn)
  • [Client] Sort demos in demo browser by name or date (by east)
  • [Client] New file names for manual and auto demo recorder including map name
  • [Client] Highlight notifications work on Mac OS X (by HMH)
  • [Client] Add cl_chat_reset to disable the chat from being reset by pressing ESC
  • [Client] Demo player pause/unpause can be bound to a key and scoreboard hidden (by Savander)
  • [Client] Hide console window on Windows by default (cl_show_console)
  • [Client] Fix double clicking on friend who's in first server (by Chairn)
  • [Client] Fix chat highlighting (by east & Learath2)
  • [Client] Fix race recorder
  • [Client] Fix frozen input when leaving a server with active chat (by Oy)
  • [Client] Fix frozen spec window when unpausing
  • [Client] Fix and improve dyncam bind and settings
  • [Client] Fix server browser to always load servers when first starting
  • [Client] Fix country flags for Catalan and Europe (by Soreu)
  • [Server] Improved security against spoofing attacks (by east)
  • [Server] New autoexec_server.cfg instead of autoexec.cfg (with Soreu)
  • [Server] Make rejoining session possible before timeout protection triggers (by east)
  • [Server] Make team locking an option
  • [Server] Fix timeout protection problems (by east)
  • [Server] Fix: No two players with same name
  • [Server] Fix: /map and /mapinfo work better
  • [Server] Fix: Prevent solo finish when saving
  • [Editor] HSV Color picker (by BeaR)
  • [Editor] Switches can be set with number 0
  • [Editor] Fix mouse hang with editor popup
  • [Mapping] Add sv_teleport_lose_weapons for some race maps
  • [Mapping] Update jungle_main.rules (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Mapping] Fix collision bug with weapon projectiles (by BeaR)
  • [Mapping] Fix: Tunes are reset by default

Getting DDNet released on Steam


We have just suggested DDraceNetwork to Steam Greenlight.

Now we need your support to get DDNet accepted, so that it can be released on Steam! You can also leave a nice comment about why you think DDNet should be on Steam.

Hopefully this will give DDNet new, enthusiastic players. It would also be nice to have for all the existing DDNet players who want to use it on Steam.

Discuss this on the forum.

Teeworlds on Steam released


Teeworlds has been released on Steam today. You can use a little trick to get DDNet client in Steam as well, even though it's not officially released yet.

News Feeds for News and Map Releases


There is now a news feed for general news as well as for new map releases. These should help you keep up to date with what's happening at DDraceNetwork.

The DDNet Forum has always had a news feed for new topics and all new posts.