DDRace Servers and much more!

DDraceNetwork is a special version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification. Help each other finish races with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are located in Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Chile, Brazil and South Africa. All ranks made on official servers are available everywhere and you can collect points!



  • DDNet Funding
  • DDNet 7.8.1:
    • [Client] 64bit Windows version available
    • [Client] Fix: Error out on invalid UTF-8 strings (by heinrich5991)
    • [Client] Add size variable for clan plates
    • [Client] Fix: Make TAB always work in serverbrowser
    • [Editor] Highlight game layers
    • [Editor] Make a few value selectors wrap around
    • [Server] Add sv_rescue_delay and rename sv_allow_rescue to sv_rescue
  • DDNet 7.8:
    • [Client] Add automatic antiping based on ping
    • [Client] Add support to show clan above name plates
    • [Client] Improve Android client
    • [Client] Show full time in scoreboard even when minutes are over 100
    • [Client] Fix autorecorder again (by east)
    • [Client] Better Polish translations (by Savander and Lady Saavik)
    • [Client] Add Catalan translations (by Ryozuki)
    • [Editor] Ctrl-s doesn't ask about overwriting anymore
    • [Mapping] Improved grass_main and round-tiles automapper rules (by hi_leute_gll)
    • [Server] If no rcon password is set, generate one (by heinrich5991)
    • [Server] /mapinfo shows release dates now
    • [Server] Fix excessive name/skin changing
    • [Server] Hopefully fix problem where timeout code sometimes doesn't work
  • Useful binds to show more of chat when you start chatting:
    bind t "+show_chat; chat all"
    bind y "+show_chat; chat team"
    bind i "+show_chat; chat all /c "
  • DDNet Code of Conduct
  • DDNet 7.7:
    • [Client] Detailed statboard for vanilla gaming (by Shiki)
    • [Client] Dyncam remembers settings (by Shiki)
    • [Client] Enable timeouts and low speed limits for HTTP downloads
    • [Client] Only refresh serverbrowser when necessary
    • [Client] Fix bug with 'Join Red' and 'Spectate' buttons sharing same state variable (by Shiki)
    • [Client] Fix console page color
    • [Editor] Fix a few freezes and crashes and make them recoverable
    • [Mapping] Freeze tiles on switch layer can be switched off
    • [Server] Fix start info spam protection
    • [Server] Fix crash with doors
    • [Server] Fix banning of websocket clients (by eeeee)
  • A bit nicer player tables by Xurike
  • DDNet Client 7.6.1 needs manual update:

    As many of you have noticed the autoupdater didn't work in 7.5 and 7.6. You need to manually download 7.6.1 from DDNet.tw. Sorry for the trouble!

  • DDNet 7.6:
    • [Client] New game tiles (by Soreu)
    • [Client] Improve antiping prediction of collision between players (by nuborn)
    • [Client] Fix dummy connect delay (by east)
    • [Client] Disable buttons while dummy is connecting
    • [Client] Fix: Resend player and dummy info if it was filtered by server (by DoNe)
    • [Client] Hopefully fix player move on dummy connect
    • [Client] Fix popup title overflow on disconnect
    • [Client] Fix client crash
    • [Editor] Go back in envelopes with right mouse click
    • [Editor] Move "Add Sound" button down for 5:4 resolutions
    • [Editor] Fix: On switch layer correct delay number when filling
    • [Server] Disallow spectators to participate in kick votes
    • [Server] Rename rifle_fire_delay tuning to laser_fire_delay
  • New DDNet GER Football server running
  • DDNet web client by eeeee
  • DDNet 7.5:
    • [Client] Render kill messages with DDRace team color (with cl_chat_teamcolors 1)
    • [Client] Fix autoupdater on Windows XP (with Learath2)
    • [Client] Fix voting problems
    • [Client] Fix map saving with RGB images by converting them to RGBA
    • [Client] Fix compilation on new OS X systems
    • [Editor] Allow to exit editor value selectors with mouse clicks (by HMH)
    • [Editor] Fix rendering of images in editor when scrolling
    • [Mapping] Add black tile to ddnet-walls (by Saavik)
    • [Server] Add /r, /rescue: teleport yourself out of freeze (disabled by default, sv_allow_rescue 1 in config to enable)
  • Sorting in player profiles by milk
  • DDNet DDmaX server started!

    Lady Saavik worked hard and here it is:

    • We are reviving the DDracemaX maps from the dead
    • 5 maps will be released every day!
    • Check out the DDNet DDmaX servers with already released maps

    Many of us enjoyed playing on DDmaX back in the old days. Now that it's gone it's a shame that all the maps have disappeared with it. Over the time we have accepted many maps that mappers and players have requested (81 in total). Now we will bring back the rest. For our non-European players this may be the first time you see all these maps, so get ready for lots of nice maps!