DDNet 10.1 has been released


DDNet 10.1 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Client] Add cl_showpred 1 to show prediction time (similar to ping) ingame (by Ryozuki)
  • [Editor] Add auto gametile placer for hookthrough (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Merge buttons for tele, switch, tune and speedup layer into one (by BannZay)
  • [Client] Jump to the next word when pressing CTRL+arrowkey in chat (by Henningstone)
  • [Client] Make cl_show_ids also show client ids in chat
  • [Client] Add gfx_highdpi 1 for experimental High-DPI screen support
  • [Client] Add inp_mouseold 1 for old mouse input
  • [Client] Improve fullscreen in Gnome
  • [Client] Improve handling of multiple screens
  • [Client] Disable input when window focus lost
  • [Client] Show DDNet entities by default, fixes invisible freeze after joining (thanks to kamillentee)
  • [Client] Pressing shift makes sliders in various menus move slower
  • [Client] Sort demos case-insensitively
  • [Client] Reconnect on timeout to last address, not the one selected in browser
  • [Client] Fix br_filter_exclude_countries including the values from br_filter_exclude_types (by timakro)
  • [Client] Fix autoupdater on windows XP
  • [Client] Fix local console auto completion
  • [Client] Fix "vanilla skins only" setting in menu
  • [Client] Fix buffer overflow when pasting text (thanks to Im 'corneum)
  • [Client] Add support for old race server racetime messages in HUD, including checkpoint time difference
  • [Client] Add client setting cl_ignored_modifiers to ignore a set of keyboard modifiers, 0 ignores nothing, use these values to ignore certain modifiers
  • [Client] Immediately accept input while console is still opening
  • [Client] Disable antiping on solo servers and in solo parts
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console bug that caused a crash (by Henningstone)
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console to remove newlines from commands
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console on Mac OS X (by HMH)
  • [Server/Client] Clean up debug messages
  • [Server] More uniform output of /times (thanks to Soreu)
  • [Server] Make sv_join_vote_delay work for /map votes and make the number of seconds configurable
  • [Server] Don't show /top5 from rank 0 on (by Henningstone)
  • [Server] Don't allow restarting after touching finish line on solo server
  • [Editor] Make envelopes unsynchronized by default and explain the setting better
  • [Editor] Reorder auto gametile placers (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Editor] Rename some auto gametile placers (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Explain the unused button when a mapper tries to place a unused tile with the button turned off
  • [Editor] Fix gametile placer button and automapper button overlapping (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Fix size of popups
  • [Editor] Fix ed_showkeys with mousewheel
  • [Mapping] Fix sv_deepfly, works now (by timakro)
  • [Installation] Fix debian installation instructions
  • [Translation] Fix persian and simplified_chinese language files syntax (by timakro)

Full list of git changes